Our clients love us. Here’s the proof.

With modern technology and quality care, Mazhuvenchery Speciality Dental Clinic is able to create beautiful smiles for patients. Regardless of what dental issues you may have, we listen to your wants and needs to determine a solution. No challenge is too great—even if it’s been many years since you’ve been to a dentist. Here is what a few of our patients have to say about their experiences at our clinics.

Very professional dentist. Very friendly. I felt like a friend. I just can recommend him. Also the the price for two crowns was amazing. I wish him to have a lot of customers from abroad because I tried over 15 dentist in the past 20 years in Europe but never felt that I could trust so much. Thank you for your smile.

It really exists a wonderful clinic in Kerala where friendliness, warmth, attention and kindness is expressed in its purest form, where one has the luck to be treated by the profesor himself, in a beautiful practice. His name is Dr. Jijo Paul… lovely person, doing a perfect work in the most beautiful way… Thank you so much for everything…

I’ve had major dental work over the years with some bad dentists. Working with Dr. Jijo, has helped me lose my dental fear, and heal the past trauma. He is gentle, kind, efficient, and as a professor, the highest in knowledge and ability. I always highly recommend him to my friends. I actually took my old college mate, girlfriend, to have work done last week. She was very impressed and happy. He’s been my dentist now for 8 years!

It would be not enough to say Dr Jijo is an excellent professional. I have to say that not only he is a skilled dentist, he is a wonderful human being, a person that gave me so much security even being so far away from my country (Brazil). With the years, he also become a very good friend and it is a pleasure to visit his cabinet once a year for a general review, since the implants he did some years ago changed my life. His team is also friendly, professional and caring. I DO recommend any treatment at his clinic with him!

I came to Dr. Jijo’s office in August with a friend who was in a desperate need to have significant dental work done on her teeth, but because she only trusts Dr. Jijo, she waited many months in her country before coming to India only to have Dr. Jijo do the needed dental work.  I wasn’t planning on having any dental work done myself, but I made a decision to have an old crown replaced once I met Dr. Jijo and realized that he is unlike any Dentist I have ever come across in the West. He truly applies his technical dental expertise and knowledge not only with precision but with love and care.  I am very grateful to my friend for introducing me to Dr. Jijo and his team.  They all were extremely supportive, helpful and kind.  One feels one’s heart expand upon entering his dental clinic.

Dr. Jijo Paul is an amazing dentist. Really knowledgeable and works really well. I’m afraid of dentists but he has a great hand and the visit was great, and virtually painless. I’ll make sure I visit him again for a checkup before I leave India.

Jijo is gentle,caring and skillful. I had five implants here and would not want to go anywhere else.

Best dentist that i know

One of the best dentistry in Aluva with pleasing interiors, professional doctors and friendly staffs. My dad went for a root canal treatment, and before going to Mazhuvenchery we had checked with few other clinics where they said it takes upto three or more sittings for the procedure. But at Mazhuvenchery they did root canal with no pain within a day and placed a high quality crown. A special thanks to Dr. Jijo Paul for changing my dad’s smile. You walked us through on how important it is getting a quality denture. Great job with the bridge implant Doc!! We are extremely happy with the outcome and he smiles more confidently now!! A big thank you to all the orthodontists and staffs at Mazhuvenchery clinic.

I highly recommend Mazhuvenchery dental clinic if you are looking for a beautiful smile!!

(Translated by Google) Mazhuvenchery Dr.JIJo PAUL is a doctor who renders sincere service who does not want publicity.
I also have ten years of experience as a doctor’s hospital.

Once when the staff was all gone and very tired and resting, a young man with no money in hand came there with a toothache. When he went to another hospital, he was told that he needed a lot of money for treatment and asked the doctor to remove his tooth. But with a full smile he happily accepted the young man and gave him a good treatment for free.
Dr.Jijo Paul’s service is like a sincere laugh.

Great Treatment. Good Ambiance
Excellent Staff.
Clinic is very hygienically maintained by the Team.
I definitely recommend.

This is a wonderful Dental Clinic among the clinics which I have visited so far. Moreover Dr. Jijo Paul is a brilliant doctor with great service and concern. He is always very friendly with patients. I always feel to go again and again to Mazhuvanchery Dental Clinic in Aluva. Always you will get best treatment. I wish Dr. Jijo and his team continued success in their dentistry.

Very good service..extremely satisfied each time I make a visit. Each and every detail is taken care of.good luck .

From my experiences with my visits, at the dental clinic….one thing was sure that I was made very comfortable and did not feel any discomfort while my teeth was organized and made perfect…well thats what we all look forward right?? So guys what are you waiting for..just grap this wonderful opportunity and get your self pampered…….

I would rather say the best solution for all dental problems.Great hospitality and excellent service. Best precautionary measures taken during this pandemic season.Hats off for the Director and all staff members.

A place you can ensure your dental care. Mazhuvenchery speciality dental clinic provides utmost care with hygienic environment in an affordable price. Dr. Jijo Paul and team takes utmost care and hospitality for each patient.

We are expressing our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding care and compassion Dr Jijo has provided when we were in Kerala, Aluva till 2018.Dr Jijo’sdedication to his patients surpasses anything I have seen. He is an outstanding doctor and I am happy that we got his care when we were there. Keep it up. All the best.

One of a best doctor and facility across india. Dr jijo paul diagnostics capabilities you can compare with world most brilliant dentists.